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Variety of Options for Wood Fence Gastonia NC

Gastonia wood privacy fence There are numerous residential wood fence styles to choose from, ranging from nostalgic white picket fences to sturdy privacy fence protecting fences to decorative options designed to beautify while they enhance privacy. A variety of woods are available to choose from, including pine and cedar.

Affordable Fence Guys also installs commercial wooden fencing for businesses located in or near Gaston residential areas.

Custom Fencing Gastonia NC is Affordable and Popular

Custom wooden fences are a popular residential fencing choice in the Gastonia NC, region. Your new fence is a very affordable option for multi-use backyards, such as those dedicating some space to gardening and some space to recreational activities. Wood privacy fences Gastonia NC, complemented by ornamental wood gates, can truly enhance a residential landscaping project.

Wooden Fence Gastonia NC for Families

Wooden fences are an attractive addition to a home. Unlike many other types of fence, such as chain-link or hurricane fencing, wooden fences have a charm and an appeal all their own. With a little bit of stain on a Wood Fence Gastonia NC, or even just unfinished, your fence will always be a comforting addition to your home. More importantly, the peace of mind that a quality privacy fence can offer families with children or people with pets is the real value of residential fencing. Stockade fence, for example, comes in a variety of heights, ranging typically from 4 to 6 feet, though custom wood fence orders for higher or lower heights are common. In addition to offering near perfect visual privacy, a stockade fence of the correct height with not allow dogs to get loose by jumping over. For those families with kids, there will be no worries about young children climbing over and visiting neighbors unexpectedly.

In a housing market that seems to be bouncing up and down recently, peace of mind takes on a different value, as buyers seeking homes are more interested in the comfort and lifestyle specifics of where they are going live, rather than the potential resale value of a given home.


Now, if you think your home may BE going on the market in the near future , that solid new fence may be just the thing that tips a buyer to YOUR home and not one down the street. If given the choice between a bit of privacy or security or a completely open yard, we feel that most people would love to have that something extra around their home. That is why residential fencing is a smart addition to a home that may be entering the market. Residential fencing is practical and appeals to many, whether for privacy purposes or to keep loved ones safe. A wooden fence is an affordable option that can help to increase the value and buying appeal of homes. Find out more about Gastonia Real Estate

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We are a quality fence installer Gastonia NC by making sure that no matter which fence you get installed ( Wood Fence Gastonia NC, Aluminum Fence Gastonia NC , Chain Link Fence Gastonia NC or Vinyl Fence Gastonia NC ) that not only are the proper materials used but that proper installation is done. We not only strive for a quality looking product but also that the holes are the proper depths, proper amounts of concrete, proper galvanized ring shank nails and proper measurements to help prevent warping issues etc. Thats what makes the difference in a Wood Fence Installer in Gastonia NC and a typical unexperienced fence installer or Handyman in Gastonia NC.
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